Monday, February 6, 2012

Giggles and Guac.

Yes, yesterday was the Superbowl. Yes, Superbowl Sunday generally comes in second only to Christmas day in my book. Yes, I love football and everything that goes along with it: the plays, the routes, the uniforms, the epic catches and throws, the (sometimes) enviable role models, the coaches, the funny quotes, the terrible commentating, and the environment. However, this year, due to the top two teams deemed "superbowl eligible", I was slightly less than exhilarated when it came to the morning of my second favorite holiday. This year, I was looking forward to: ranking commercials, making jokes about the half time show, seeing who the biggest celebrities at the game were, giggling with friends over just about every commentator's view, and making an appetizer spread to rival Rachel Ray. All in all, it was a good game (though slightly disappointing because do we really need more New York and Boston monopolizing our sports channels?) with some good friends, good food, and good times. Have I mentioned that I love my life? No? Oh. Well I do :)  Pictured below: The first course to our spread (BBQ'd lil' smokies, veggie pizza, and taco dip...the later courses included: guacomole, 'roni rolls, and BBQ hot wings. It's okay to be a little jealous.).

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