Friday, February 10, 2012

Signs and Lines.

Extreme Makeover: Bedroom-Walls-That-I'm-Not-Allowed-To-Paint-Edition.  Being in the living situation that I am, an apartment is what I call home, I am a little bit limited in the decorating that I can actually do. Especially the permanent kind. So, while at Hobby Lobby the other day, which not only gave me this idea, but about a gazillion more seeing as everything I could have ever wanted was on sale, I picked up a little kit.  They have these wonderful, removable (don't worry mamacita and daddio, I will get my deposit back) vinyl lettering kits. I instantly fell in love and wanted one for just about every wall that is listed under my lease; however, I refrained and decided to start with one. I searched until I found one that I thought was very fitting especially with my previous semi-insomniatic status(ever since I hit "adulthood", I have had no problem hitting the hay as soon as my head hits the pillow)/anxiety to-do lists forming in my head (thank you, genetics).  Thus, the Friday afternoon process began:

  1. Measure out the space where you want to place the the letters (mine came on three different sheets that were not the same size and cut apart by a 5 year old (pre-pre-school seeing as they couldn't cut in a straight line), making it a little difficult to line up).  I used a tape measure, a pencil, and some good eyeballing technique in order to do so.
  2. I then taped the the three sheets to the wall in the spots where I wanted them. 
3.  Remove the backing and use the plastic applicator to smooth out the letters starting from the center of each paper.

4.  Use a wet sponge to go over all of the letters in order to enhance the adherence.
5.  Peel back the outer pieces of paper at a sharp angle.

6.  And Ta-Da! Another easy project in just a matter of minutes. It looks even better above the headboard that daddio so graciously and very patiently made out of an old door I found in their barn. Yeah, he's a carpenter on the side.  No big deal.

Just another Free Thought Friday...


  1. I love this , Janel !!!!!!!!!!!!! And your bed is made too.

  2. Thank,s Grandma! We still need to plan a time to skype so I can give you a tour of my whole apartment :)