Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday cakes, basketball fever, and blogging hiatuses.

I apologize for the lack of blogging within the past week, but life apparently gets busier the week when you're trying to blow out those 23 candles. That's right, I've finally reached the 21+2 birthday, and while I'm not sure how adult-like I feel, I suppose anything under 25 sounds least to the people with which I work. :)  Along with the birthday celebrations and feasts (minus the roast beasts), this past week brought on some serious spring fever with temperatures reaching near the 70's and sun shining well after I had gotten home from work some nights.  And we all know spring fever means one thing to me: MARCH MADNESS.  The start of the Big 12 tournament (as disappointing as it was for the cyclones) is just the beginning of the NCAA chaos, and for once my viewing privileges were not interrupted by the nonsense we all know as homework. Okay, maybe just Bjorn and I use that reference.  I received a call Friday night to see if I wanted to spontaneously join in on a road trip down to Kansas City to watch the Big 12 Championship game.  I was still a little bitter about the Cyclones loss, yet excited to see Neil and Margo and my nephews (Lewie and....well let's be honest Rexx is never that excited to see me...), as well as, get a chance to experience the Sprint Center atmosphere.  Unfortunately, they wouldn't let dogs into the game:

I may have been 1 of 13 Iowa State fans attending the game in our true colors, but it was definitely worth it post-game to be looked upon as Switzerland (the neutral party). In honor of March madness (and the cutting of the net tradition), one of my favorite paintings that I've created thus far has been hung in the entrance of The Shanks Mansion (a.k.a. my apartment).  It began with a blank canvas and ended as such:

Anyway, you can all be glad the hiatus has reached an end, and I have plenty of more recipes to post this week because things should slow down now that I'm an oldie, right?! ;)

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