Saturday, April 21, 2012

Age is all the rage.

Ever wondered what all of the stress you put on your body on the daily does to its real age?  Or maybe you make a majority of your choices in the healthy zone.  Here's a way to find out your body's real age (If you really want to know...of course I would find something like this fascinating!):

Follow that link, and if you're not already a member of the bluezones project, which I would encourage you to do anyway, make a username and password.  Then complete the quick, multiple choice questionnaire in order to see your true age! I love this stuff (then again I am abnormal) and hope you do, too! It's a great way to see where some of your daily habits may be tearing you down or building you up!

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  1. I joined Blue Zone when Marshalltown was first wanting to be a B.Z. community. We didn't make it though but I keep getting their e-mails.