Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Webster's words and severe scars.

I stumbled across this article recently, and it made me take a good look at the words that aren't necessarily bad or "swear" words, but words that possibly shouldn't be making an appearance in my everyday language.  There are some words that have just become a regular part of our day to day vocabulary; however, as Christians we're called to a higher standard.  I'm not trying to sound extreme since these are words that you would hear everyday at the water cooler or walking down the hallway of a junior high school or even on TV shows that would be deemed appropriate.  I'm just saying that this article may make you take a second look at the words that spill out of your mouth.  The world would be a much quieter place if we all thought before we spoke.  And on that note, happy Friday to me :) I get to leave for Ohio tomorrow for an awesome-packed weekend with the fam!  Not only am I excited that I just received my third raise at work, but I'm also excited to be leaving on a jet plane for my FIRST DAY OFF SINCE NEW YEAR'S DAY.  That's right.  I said it.  This girl needs a vacation from the whiners that seem to overpopulate the real world.  Anyway, check this one out when you get a chance!  It'll have you flipping through your nearest thesaurus in order to choose a different way to express your feelings...

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  1. Truely thought provoking! Thanks for the challenge to watch what we say. Words are powerful and its important to take note of our use of language.