Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hustle and bustle.

Sometimes I'm just in awe.  In awe of the way our lives are so intricately woven together.  The way creation's tiny little cells work together and pulse with one heartbeat.  The way that God's thumbprints are all over our everyday lives.  It's incredible.  I could elaborate on and on, but I will just name a few.  I started a list a couple of weeks ago of things that make me happy.  The first day I was already up to number 183.  Then each night, I keep the notebook beside my bed and scrawl a few items down that make my everyday life extraordinary.  I started doing this as my form of journaling (because we all know I'm too antsy and can't consistently seem to sit down and just write everyday, but lists? Those are my forte.).  As the numbers of my list and words on the page begin to fill the white spaces, I send little prayers up to God in thanks for all of these things.  They range from beautiful morning runs with Fall scenery and temperatures to thank you e-mails from the parents of the girls I coach for doing a great job with their children to seeing Darby's goofy face when I walk through my door to 16 minute phone conversations with my long-distance brosef to making the perfect salad combination at dinner to getting a congratulations e-mail from the CEO of our company for finishing all 4 clinical progressions within a year to making the perfect smoothie concoction to time spent at home with family to finding caramel apples to running a race for the glory of God and having Him bless me for it.  I could go on and on because the list ranges from everyday things that I had forgotten I loved until I wrote them down (climbing into a warm bed and sleeping with the windows open or getting a Grandma E-mail) to the intricate things that are surprises in my everyday life (being the first female to finish a 10K or getting chosen to fly to our Sioux Falls site on a private jet).  While Darby is a huge joyful peak on the EKG of my life (and I've only had her a week), she's also taught me a variety of lessons.  I am twenty-three, and it's time for me to work on being less selfish.  While she may only be a dog, it's a good idea for me to start focusing on others and seeing what they can teach me in return about myself, my faith, and my attitude toward life itself (I know she's just a dog, but the soccer girls have shown me this, as well).  She's also a great conversation starter with people who see me out with her.  I've also recently been thankful for analogies that line up with my everyday life.  We're going through a series called "The Story" at my church, which is a 31 week study where we read a chapter a week.  The stories are taken straight from the bible, but rearranged in novel form so, it's much easier for me to learn from!  This past week the pastor used the quote, "If you are an idle Christian, you will rot."  Basically if we're not growing, we're dying.  That one hit home.  I'm trying to make God my number one priority each and every day, and IT ISN'T EASY.  I get that.  Life gets in the way, even sometimes the blessings He gives us can get in the way.  We get consumed and forget to thank Him for what is truly His.  Another way I can tell God is working is through finances, not to go into specifics, but Darby was a fairly expensive purchase (on my income) and all of my other bills add up, as well.  However, there was no need to stress because God provided (as He always does) with a whopping check from coaching soccer.  I forgot this was coming so, it was a nice surprise!  He's got me covered.  Sometimes when I'm busy living life I forget that He's right by my side holding my hand in one of His and my road map in the other.  He knows what's coming and will always be there for me.  The most recent thing I am thankful for is the fall season in the good ol' Midwest.  God's creation is seriously beautiful, and if there's one thing other than discipline that my morning runs have taught me, it is that He is a better painter than Bob Ross and Picasso and Van Gogh. Combined.  The leaves changing, the perfect sweatshirt temperatures, the fog rolling off of the rivers and lakes.  Incredible.  I couldn't help but take my camera with me on my run yesterday morning just to capture some of these Kodak scenes.  They will definitely be making it on the happiness list tonight.  I read a study recently that people who write down the things that make them happy or successes they've accomplished are happier 60% longer than those who didn't journal them.  So, I'm testing the theory.  I'm guessing if the study had pushed it one step further, they would have discovered that people who send a thank you note to God each time they appreciate one of His blessings stay happier 99% longer than those who didn't.... :)  On that note:  HAPPY SATURDAY!