Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursdays.

  • Dreaming big.
  • Commitment.
  • Skyping with Grandma.
  • Library cards.
  • 50 degrees in December.
  • Early morning, head-clearing, prayer-filled runs.
  • Basically clear tests.
  • Energy.
  • Peppermint bark.
  • The Disney World, magical feeling of renewal and love that only church can bring.
  • Deep breaths.
  • The release of anxiety.
  • Twinkle lights.
  • Kiddo smiles.
  • This verse, "In all your ways follow Him, and He will make your path straight."- Proverbs 3:6
  • Anticipation.
  • Late lunches.
  • Christmas shopping.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Darby's sleepy puppy face.
  • Moose tracks and movie nights.
  • Bear hugs.
  • The smell of baking bread.
  • Did I mention mint m&ms?
  • Coffee shops where students are studying for finals and I AM NOT AND LOVING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT.  That is all.

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