Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays {the casted up edition}.

  • The feeling after a hot shower.  That feeling is also called "socially acceptable".
  • New cell phones that don't die in the middle of every 2 minute conversation ever.
  • A change in the routine.
  • Being at complete peace with a situation.
  • Not working out for 7 weeks and not even being mad about it.
  • QT with The Darbster.
  • Snow storms when you don't even have to leave your house because you can't even drive anywhere so where would you even go?  Yup.  Right back to the couch.
  • Netflix.  I don't even have to wait another week to find out what's going to happen in these characters' dramatic lives because let's be honest, the suspense of waiting 8 days for a new episode of Parenthood?  Would kill me.
  • Learning to pray unselfishly.
  • Not wearing makeup or even caring about what you look like for 6 weeks straight.  Okay, so maybe I care a little because let's be real: I look like death, and there's really no fixing that.
  • On that note- having a family, friends, and co-workers who love me regardless of what I look like. Or if I'm clean.
  • Black clothes. No, I am not gothic, but while you are on crutches: Always wear black. Always. Black does not show stains. So, when you spill whichever food you have chosen to eat (type doesn't even matter because it will take you at least 12 minutes to get it from the kitchen to the table and they all have the capabilities of staining), it will at least be less noticeable on the outfit that took
    you 17 whole minutes and a strained hamstring to put on so you don't even have to change.
  • A full night of sleep.  Not saying I got one, just saying I will no longer take those for granted.
  • My Florida Georgia Line Pandora station.  So. Ready. For Summer.
  • On that note- the fact that it's not summer yet.  Because I would be A LITTLE UPSET if I had to miss out on my 2nd favorite season and the lake and wearing a swimsuit and skiing and boarding and tubing and bonfires and the smell of sunscreen and the driving range and sand volleyball and soccer and ultimate frisbee and early morning runs on the trails and playing outside with Darbs and sleeping with my window open and laying by the pool and the sound of crickets and bomb pops and driving with my windows down and DRIVING and getting tan lines and falling in love with summer sunsets.  I guess God knew what He was doing with this whole timing thing? Weird.
  • The pattern on my parents ceiling.
  • Ibuprofen.
  • Home cooked meals.
  • Having an appetite back.
  • Anticipation.
  • Getting smart.  Not in a weird, stuffy, cubicle, jeopardy watching way, but just realizing: you are not invincible.  You are not.  Not even if you put on a red cape.  And in order to avoid expensive doctor or casket bills, it's probably a good idea to start making mature decisions.  Like using a treadmill or taking your cell phone on every run ever or not eating like a 13 year old boy or slowing down and enjoying the scenery or not trying to fill your every second of every day or not being a workout freak (NEWSFLASH: the world will not end if you go a day or two a week without running) or making the decision to rest and not kill yourself by trying to go to work or realizing that as tight as money is- IT DOES NOT MATTER.  God will provide so, take a breather for goodness sake.  
  • Loving your life.  Every minute of it.  Even when you're learning a lesson.
  • Job.  And its 42 chapters.  The exact number of days I'm going to be in a cast.  Probably not a coincidence.  Probably not just probably.  Also- if you ever need to feel like your life is pretty awesome, check that book out.  I'm 11 chapters deep, and I already feel like I won the lottery compared to the anguish with which he writes.  PERSPECTIVE CHANGER.  Challenge accepted.
  • Psalms.  I had 42 chapters left in my reading of Psalms.  42 days in a cast.  You get the picture.  
  • Green Bean Casserole.
  • Podcasts.
  • Iowa State winning on the road. GO STATE!
  • Waking up to texts.
  • Co-worker love.
  • Strawberry lemonade.
  • Lunch hour with the parental units.
  • God-ordained situations.  Okay, so really that's every situation, but the ones that kind of take your breath away.
  • Being hooked on a really good book.
  • Learning a lesson the first time around.
  • Hearing the words, "I love you."
  • The fact that even in David's deepest lament, God can still draw a Hallelujah from his lips.
  • This verse, "It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone."- Ephesians 1:11-12
  • And some Fred for good measure:

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