Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things I've learned while getting hardware implemented into my ankle.

1.  Don't cry over spilled milk. Literally. So what crutches are hard. So what getting your cereal over the table to eat it may cause some spillage. So what I'm 8782348374293 X slower than I used to be.  SO WHAT. The little things do not matter. Do not. 27 more days of a cast, but I still get to keep my leg and I even get to run again? Yup. Can't be mad. Life is short and your patience shouldn't be.

2. Cherish your free time. It's like a vacation from work where people wait on you hand and foot.  I mean okay.  Just throw a little sand and some good tan lines in there pleaseandthankyou.

3. Get lost in a good TV series.  There's nothing like getting lost in the drama of the characters' lives while forgetting your own.

4. Learn  new habits. I've got PLENTY of spare time to fix my priorities and implement new habits into my routine. One habit I probably should drop?  Eating chocolate like it's my job. Glad that appetite is back in full force... 

5. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear."  Okay, not Christmas cheer, but cheer in general.  And not really singing but just keeping perspective. Being joyful and happy in a time of learning can not only make the experience more bearable on the daily but it makes being around you more enjoyable, as well. Because good thing I've got plenty of time to foster relationships now.  And add new apps to my phone...what? They make communicating easier...and help pass the time :)

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