Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yup, this is a post about cookie butter...

So, cookie butter.  That's a real thing.  In case you've been deprived of this magical product for 24 years of your life like I had, I need to tell you how amazing this invention is.  If you love peanut butter you will adore cookie butter because it not only packs less calories but has a low amount of carbs.  Nope, this is not an infomercial, and you cannot order any with 2 easy payments of $14.99.  But I mean, I'm not going to reject you if you want to send me 2 easy payments of $14.99...  My co-worker introduced me to this magical spread and ever since then, I have not been able to stop telling people about it.  P.S. Trader Joe's carries it, in case you were worried about being able to fill your addiction :) 
Could this entire post really be about cookie butter? Okay, no...well it could be, but I'll spare you. It does have a comparison to my every day life.  I got to thinking yesterday about how many people I've talked to with reckless abandon about cookie butter.  Yup.  A lot. Everyone from clients to friends to my boss to my co-workers to people at the dog park (it makes for a great small talk starter if you're looking for one :)).  And then I got to thinking how sometimes I get nervous to bring up Jesus in every day coversation. This brought on the thought of the fact that I never even had a second thought about blurting out to people about this great new product...its reputation can take care of itself.  I never once thought people would be annoyed by me telling them about cookie butter or even worse, having them reject cookie butter.  I trusted my own thoughts about it, my deep love for it, and most importantly I trusted the product.  So, why is it so hard to do the same with Jesus in the corporate world?  Why would I even have a subconscious thought that Jesus and his ministry wouldn't be able to uphold their reputation.  I mean, He is the only constant I have in this world.  The only consistent, unconditional love known to man. The only one who knows where I will be tomorrow, which people I will interact with, and the decisions I will make given each fork in the road.  The only omnipotent being.  The only One who is completely unselfish. If you can openly trust something that's manmade and confined to a jar more so than The Big Man Upstairs, we've got ourselves a problem.  And all problems can be resolved with focus and a challenge.  So, this next week...who will you interact with?  Who will you be able to share with?  Choose your conversation wisely and ask God to bring this problem to never know how you might transition cookie butter small talk into a witness for the Big Man Upstairs...

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